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RF certification is complicated process, as it involves several actions and parties. Some conditions that need clarifying include:  

  • Which country or countries do you plan to apply for certification?
  • What is the application of the device with RF module, and how will the RF module operate, i.e. Access Point mode or Client mode? 
  • Can modular approval be accepted for your system or whole system approval is compulsory? 
  • What OS is your system using now? Do you require the chipset’s official driver porting? 
  • Could your system run on Windows OS even if the final system be not Windows OS? For example platform x86.

The above questions set forth the foundations to start your certification process. If you are unsure, please send us the details above so we can help you speed up the process.

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Generally there will be the choice of the official chipset vendors’ driver and other open source drivers. Depending on the chipset vendor, some official drivers will be free, while others will require signing TLA and paying license fee. The best way is to contact us for details.

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There are several certifications that allow antenna filing without requiring re-testing. Japan TELEC (MIC) filing is most frequently requested, which we do offer and some of them will be free of charge. If you need this service, please send us the details below:

  • antenna specification with RF cable loss for all frequencies, antenna type, and photo of the antenna with RF cable measured with a L-ruler
  • module ordering number and model number
  • application of your system to ensure whether such use can apply for antenna filing

You can send us the above information or contact us for further help.

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Most of our modules are multi-certified for different countries. However, since wireless certifications are complex and not all info is online, we strongly recommend that you contact us for details.

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    CE regulation accepts self-declaration yet most companies may not know how to process it. In general, CE certification only accepts system approval and this is what all the testing labs will tell you. However, in some cases you still can leverage the RF testing data of the module itself. If you would like to know how to save testing cost, you can send us the information below:

    • antenna specification.
    • Enli’s RF module ordering number and model number
    • application of your system, and which mode you are using: Access Point (AP) mode or Client mode. If AP mode, please advise if you plan to use DFS
    • OS version you are using? Windows/Linux/Android?

    Different RF modules serve different purpose best, and these are the key criteria for selection:

    • What is the application of your system? 
    • Do you need Access Point mode or Client mode? 
    • Do you want to use DFS band for your system? 
    • Which OS is planned for your system?
    • How many RF data stream do you need? I.e. what is the data rate you are targeting on? 
    • Which physical interface/slot is on your host board? M.2 or mini PCIe slot or others? 
    • Which electrical interface is on your host board for RF modules? PCIE, USB, SDIO, others? 
    • Will you need a Bluetooth and WLAN combo solution? 
    • What would be the estimated annual usage of your system?
    • How much time later would be the mass production schedule? We may have some developing/upgrading modules on hand, which may not be disclosed yet. Therefore, if you may share your production agenda with us, we can help you select a module with longer product life cycle.
    • How long will the customer’s product life cycle be? Product longevity would also impact the recommended solution.
    • Which RF certification do you plan to apply?  

    The easiest way to select the most suitable RF module is to discuss with our sales representative. Furthermore, if you send us the above information, our suggestions will save you time.

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    Not all WLAN/BT chipsets are with Android drivers; please contact us with your desired Android and Linux kernel version.

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    Since each module has several drivers for the same OS, we do provide the most appropriate alternative. To avoid wasting time on trial and error, send us an email.

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    If you are looking for driver porting service, we can help you. Please let us know which modules you would like to use, OS version, platform information, and expected completion date. Send the above information to us, and our team will contact you.

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    By FCC regulation, you are allowed to contain model FCC ID on your system in most cases, EXCEPT when:

    • antenna type used is different to certification report,
    • antenna gain value is bigger than certification report,
    • your system will use DFS band, and runs on Access Point mode.

    If you still have any doubt on how to leverage module FCC certification, or how to proceed on the above exceptions, please feel free to contact us.

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