Certification (Regulation)


fcUnited States – FCC

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that all telecom equipment and radio communication equipment meet minimum compliance standards. Part 15 of the FCC rules requires emissions testing to prevent harmful radio interference.


 icCanada – IC

To access Canada market, manufacturers should indentify what regulatory requirements need for their products. In general, most E&E products are subject to IC (EMC & RF) and to SCC (Safety). Partial products may be subject to NRCan for energy efficiency.


 ceEurope – CE

The market for R&TTE equipment exceeds 30 B€ and is undergoing rapid growth. It was regulated through an EU Directive (98/13/EC) and more than 1000 national approval regulations. As of 8 April 2000, the R&TTE Directive replaces these regulations and governs the marketing and use of R&TTE equipment.