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Terms of use

Article 1
Before you apply to become a member of this website, please read the membership rules. The rules specify the rights and obligations between the members and this website. You can become a member of this website only you have agreed to these rules.

Article 2
The membership e-services provided by this website are free. This website owns the proprietary and operation rights of the services and has the right to amend the service items or stop various functions at any time.

Article 3
User privacy system:    Respecting the privacy of users is a fundamental policy of this website. Therefore, this website will not publish, edit, or disclose the registered membership information and non-public contents stored on this website without the legal authorization of the member, unless required by law.

Article 4
Membership account, password, and security:    Members are allowed to cancel the membership of this website at any time. Once a member has successfully registered and becomes the legal member of this website, he/she will get a password and membership name. The members are fully responsible for the security of their names and passwords. Also, each user is fully responsible for all activities and events performed under his/her membership. You can change your password at any time according to the instructions. If you find any illegal use of membership account or the presence of security loopholes, please notify this website immediately. This website is not responsible for any loss and legal liability of members due to their disclosure of account numbers and passwords.

Article 5
E-mail:    This website will mail newsletters from this website from time to time to provide the members with relevant technologies, products, and other information. However, it guarantees that the membership emails will not be leaked out to avoid unnecessarily interferences with the members.

Article 6
This website reserves the right to amend the contents of these regulations and services. If there is any update, it will announce the information on the website. You can raise objections regarding the contents within one month from the date of publication. If members do not respond to the amended contents of this website, the regulations will be deemed agreed upon by the members.

Article 7
This website only accepts single data from the same person; that is, you can only create your data once. Please do not log in repeatedly.

Article 8
In no way should the members damage and interfere with the data and functions on this website. The members are also strictly forbidden to attempt or break into any system of this website on the Internet.

Article 9
The members agree that their procurement behavior is subject to the electronic transaction information shown on this website. In case of disputes, the electronic transaction information is used as the determination standard.

Article 10
Laws:    The terms of service of members are consistent with the legal interpretation of the Republic of China. The members and this website agree to obey the jurisdiction of Taiwan High Court. Should there be a conflict between the service terms of this website and the laws of the Republic of China, these terms will be fully reinterpreted under the laws. Meanwhile, the other terms will still have a legal effect and impact on the members.

Article 11
The transactions of all goods on this website are governed by the laws of the Republic of China. Should any dispute occurs, the Taipei District Court shall be the court of the first instance.

Article 12
In addition to complying with this agreement, members should also agree to abide by various transaction regulations of this website.

Article 13
Once your membership is canceled, all membership rights will be lost, including all previous membership benefits. If the contents of this agreement are adjusted, the members should agree to abide by the amended agreement.

Article 14
If you have any questions, please contact us at our customer service center.

Article 15
For other matters not covered in this agreement, they will follow the relevant provisions of the laws of the Republic of China.

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