Driving Wireless Wisely with Enli

  • Use Technology to Fulfill Human’s Nature : Freedom
  • Help companies need the movement and easy installation in their Applications / Products / Solutions


Service Enli can provide:

  • Consultancy Service: Enli offer the wide wireless domain knowledge to fulfill potential business opportunity from your side, avoid the wrong direction, increase your winning rate.
  • Best Fit Solution: Enli is not only give what you need, but work with you to select the best fit among various wireless solutions, save your time and enhance your competence.
  • Driver Porting/Trouble Shooting: Enli can be your backup for wireless function development, and make your resource focus on your vertical application.
  • Certs tool and Service: Enli can provide you the certification tools and service in order to give you hassle-free on this.
  • Longevity and good quality: Enli is not focusing on the consumer market, what we care is the product longevity and quality during your product life cycle.


If you are interesting at above service or suffer above challenge with your current business, Enli is here. Please contact us for more information.