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Company Overview

Who we are

Established in 2015, Enli has been providing wireless modules and superior software support. Following the increasing demand for IOT, and cooperation with Taiwan’s strong industrial computer industry, Enli’s wireless modules (WLAN and Bluetooth) have been widely used by top brands at different industries globally, including gaming, transportation, medical treatment, factory/warehouse automation, industrial networking, and more. Our outstanding reputation has given Enli a steady yearly growth of 30~50% since foundation.

Why Enli can help you drive wireless wisely

Enli offers more than the most advanced wireless solutions; additionally we are a reliable wireless software support-oriented team. Enli evaluates customers’ wireless requirements and explore with them the most suitable solutions for different applications.

By virtue of our diligence, Enli spends more time during early stage discussions than other wireless solution providers. Before product launch, we thoroughly examine the application of customer’s products to prevent any foreseeable difficulties, such as functions, operating systems, integration, certifications, costs, product life cycles and more. Embark on the right direction with Enli, and reduce problems during product development and production.

Further on, Enli’s strong software capabilities and support from chipset suppliers also prove useful in the wireless problems that may emerge afterwards. By working with Enli, our customers can truly drive wireless wisely, receive software support when in need, and enjoy reliable long-term module supply.

Enli is not classified at general commodity market like notebook or mobile phone, you may not know Enli, but we are everywhere around you, just like invisible wave already becoming part of your life.

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